There are more printing options than you can imagine. Yes, you can have a shower curtain with any image you want printed on it. Here are some of the options:

1. Premium Prints via located here. I put my best work here as they have complete framing options and use premium papers and materials. Just some of the options.

Matted and Framed: You pick the frame, the mat, and the paper you want to print on.  Use the Picture Rag paper option for color or the  black and white prints. 

Canvas Mount: Photos are printed on canvas and stretched over a wooden frame like a painting. 

Metal: This is a contemporary option and really pops off the wall.  Images are printed directly onto metal and come ready to hang.

Acrylic: This is another contemporary option and really adds pop to an image. Prints are mounted between two pieces of 1/4" acrylic.  This adds a unique sense of depth that pulls you into an image. 

FAA also has options for bags, shower curtains (I wasn't kidding), iPhone cases and more. I don't turn all these options on but if you want something different, just let me know and we'll figure it out.

2. Smugmug Prints: Purchased directly off this site. These are economical but still high quality.  There are many options for paper including glossy, matte, luster and metallic. You can print directly onto metal  which looks awesome and is ready to hang, or canvas, kind of like a painting, or thin wraps, ready to hang with the image "wrapped" around a substrate.

3. Downloads:  Event and sports images can be downloaded to allow you to print or post yourself. 

4. Large format.  The largest installation I've done is over 20 feet for a single image in the luggage claim at Burlington International Airport.  Yes, we're talking a wall size image. Great for large spaces that you want to bring to life. There can be permanent (real wall paper) or temporary (removable adhesive). Contact me for more info.

5. Licensing: All images are available for licensed commercial usage.  Contact me for details.

6. Paintings:  Well actually digital paintings of selected photographs. These I print myself on Epson Velvet Fine Art paper and put them in ready to hang frames. You can find them here.

Don't see what you'd like? Contact me.

COPYRIGHT - Images may not be copied, screen-grabbed, downloaded, or used in any way without my consent.  All images are copyrighted and all rights reserved.  No unauthorized use permitted.

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